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A of station of sports center subway exports area of the Milky way outside, share bicycle a month increased one times recently.
Rub do obeisance to bicycle 180 thous广州飞机桑拿网020and, haing (piece row) bicycle 120 thousand, Qing Jie bicycle 100 thousand! Rose on June 29, 3 old brands share bicycle to be allowed to be in future puts Guangzhou center on 6 areas steadily inside 3 years, gross 400 thousand.
However, haing bicycle, green orange bicycle is less than a month after Guangzhou of formal be born, new old share bicycle in the part public section chaos piles up elephant waiting for chaos somewhat ” resurgence ” . Corner dot was buckled even by tens of thousands stop what put in disorder to share bicycle in disorder, new old bicycle gathers together, orange, green, blue, yellow wild hoard for speculation.
Be aimed at this kind of phenomenon, on July 22, carriage bureau of Guangzhou city traffic ever was opposite 3 share bicycle operation business t广州天水水疗打蝴蝶o give out greatly rectify and reform an announcement, the demand came to was restricted to make change the date on July 26 on July 22, the effect is dissatisfactory, still will be rectified and reform continuously and ban cast.
Rectify and reform the effect how? 3 whether to share bicycle chaos to stop chaos to put a phenomenon to alleviate somewhat greatly? Come day after day, reporter of new wall bulletin visits the area such as more beautiful, the Milky way, Bai Yun to discover, heat area waits in passageway of public transportation station, subway, all park is plunged into push, wait for a phenomenon without foreword, still have a lot of rub do obeisance to bicycle广州模特骗局 the circumstance that apparently bad car was not cleared, the use that affects a citizen and current. Phenomenon 1
Bicycle puts in too much half moon to add 9 times suddenly
“Since haing bicycle, Qing Jie after bicycle enters Guangzhou market, share bicycle increasing. ” on August 7, miss Li tells office worker reporter of new wall bulletin, sports center A exports area of the Milky way outside share bicycle 9 times is add suddenly inside close half moon, “Just stop before, round-the-clock now exceed two. Green orange bagman still lets a citizen sweep a code to do a member in the spot, often also see the enterprise attempers the car carries car here ” .
Reporter of new wall bulletin was in on August 7 the guest village subway of sea bead area sees outside exit of station A, B, here rub do obeisance to bicycle very much, and random park phenomenon is outstanding. The vacant lot that B exports delimited place area, have many 200 rub do obeisance to bicycle to stopping, much place discharged 3 (city transportation department presses consultative provision not to get platoon and two two above to stand side by side put) .
“Although flow of subway mouth person is large, but so much of unapt also need car. Overmuch car accumulation can affect a pedestrian to pass through. ” Mr Yang that goes to work around expresses. Phenomenon 2
Bicycle did not delimit ban stop area to take up fire control passageway
Outside 2 palace subway stations of Guangzhou city, in sea name, Lang Qing house, happy install a garden 3 villages around meantime, dwellers all need the left and right sides 10 minutes to subway station on foot. Share bicycle to went out to be offerred all right for this last kilometer convenient. Nevertheless, because had put in much, affected fire control channel even.
On August 8 morning, herein of reporter of new wall bulletin sees more than 50 bicycle. Because the amount is too much, had piled gave the 2nd, took up the fire control channel that has one roadway only originally.
Mr Li that lives in Lang Qing to reside expresses, before haing bicycle, green orange bicycle enters Guangzhou market, appear for a time here share bicycle barren, as a result takes on passengers illegally 5 kinds of cars give all corners of the country again in the dusk. After haing , Qing Jie is entered, outside subway station share bicycle much rise, 5 kinds of cars do not have the business, also disappeared. “The hope shares bicycle business and government sector to receive the subway station exit with refute exuberant demand to delimit good place area is mixed to sharing bicycle in these ban stop area, try normative park. For example passageway of this fire control outside exit of 2 palace A should set city to stop an area to ban. For example passageway of this fire control outside exit of 2 palace A should set city to stop an area to ban..
Reporter of new wall bulletin is in happy Le Lu sees sea bead area likewise take path, effect fire control, do not jockey by the program, attaint car is long the problem such as unmanned manage.
For example, there is a meal in happy Le Lu small feed inn, have dinner fastigium, share bicycle park of ground of in twos and threes is on the proper motion driveway before meal inn. Late on August 7 8 when make, 10 share the road before bicycle and two private bicycle held door of partial meal inn, influence pedestrian, car is current.
Late on August 8 11 when make, the reporter sees 14 rub do obeisance to, park of 3 8 haing , Qing Jie enters the mouth to happy in gold edifice, partial bicycle is squeezed on motor-driven driveway, partial horizontal stroke is in to before the entrance. Once fire engine wants the help meet an urgent need inside the village, sail smoothly very hard.
Guest village has bicycle to be put to driveway edge even near subway station.广州推拿按摩招聘 Xulifu of reporter of new wall bulletin / photograph

Phenomenon 3
Ban stop an area to be unable to bear or endure? Stopped more than 100 bicycle unexpectedly
Periphery of tower of Guangzhou of sea bead area is belonged to share bicycle to ban stop an area, but reporter of new wall bulletin visited discovery on August 7, exit of B of station of Guangzhou tower subway stops have bicycle of 75 haing , 43 rub do obeisance to bicycle of bicycle, 12 Qing Jie. The aunt that just riding haing bicycle to come over says, know around it is to ban stop an area, but strange why so much bicycle still is stopping. “So much car, look also unlike rides, resembling is to share the person of bicycle company to广州模特经纪人 place be here. ” she says.
Ban stop an area to walk along many meters 100 forth, share bicycle more, the reporter was counted, of all kinds share bicycle to exceed 400 unexpectedly. Among them a lot of rub do obeisance to bicycle very old, do not see during the reporter lingers somebody will ride.

Late on August 7, on trade of passerby of sea bead Ou Yile, of about 20 attaint share bicycle to be piled together at random. Wang Tong of reporter of new wall bulletin / photograph
Phenomenon 4
Bicycle ” lie cadaver ” for a long t广州半套服务 全套价格ime has no footpath the person clears
Come late on August 6 late on August 7, reporter of new wall bulletin sees about 20 tangerine rub do obeisance to bicycle to be hit the horizontal stroke piles footpath of some of happy in Hai Zhuyi road to go up, shared bicycle to be formed already partly among them ” hill ” . A day after this batch of bicycle are cleared, late on August 8, have 6 again new rub do obeisance to bicycle ” lie ” here.
On the footpath on the side of guest village subway, also have a few rub do obeisance to bicycle east crooked fall down on the west lie on footpath, some even ten cars pile together, block up by on the postern passageway of elementary school. The citizen that has a course expresses, such too block up is current.
Star of China spic road collects garden road of north of public transportation station, an ancient name for China is public transportation station and other places, park 3 share bicycle to 4, disobeyed city traffic carriage bureau ” do not get platoon and two two above to stand side by side put ” consultative provision.
The bicycle of a few Qing Jie that reporter of new wall bulletin discovers to the city is in charge of a staff member to will falling in roadside when visitting beautiful city highway chases an uprear, place, “The demand is high now, it is to receive previously complain ability to dispatch, want active go on a tour of inspection now. ” he tells new 广州人人桑拿休闲中心wall bulletin the reporter.

Half an year is lain between when, day of area of the Milky way of pay a return visit of reporter of new wall bulletin politics street, corner nods share bicycle not only did not decrease, still have addition evidence. Article of Li Jia of reporter of new wall bulletin / photograph
Put in before long new bicycle is checked to buckle accumulation to become hill
Because stop chaos to put in disorder, relevant director branch undertakes clearing to these car.
This year on January 8, ceng Zou of reporter of new wall bulletin visited day of area of the Milky way politics street before door of group of 100 million oxen share bicycle corner to nod. Here is piling up on the clearing of size of a football ground at that time 4 brands, by tens of thousands share bicycle.
Reporter of new on August 7 wall bulletin visits this land afresh, discovery has locked up a gat广州娱乐设施e. Making what popular feeling aches is, thousands of put inadequacy on the green orange bicycle January and accumulation of haing bicycle among them, brand-new bicycle a human pyramid, very grand.
Chief tells Guangzhou the head related haing bicycle network reporter, because stop chaos to put what be checked to buckle in disorder,car is, can communicate with superintendency branch, talk things over take a car.

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